exhibit design, information design

Non passarci sopra


Client: Censis
In cooperation with Lia Cipriani

The exhibition “Non passarci sopra”, created in cooperation with Censis and displayed in February/March 2017 in Tiburtina rail station in Rome, was replied in a different shape the following month in the amazing town of Foligno, in Umbria, around 300km from the capital city. The majority of organizations whose actions were shown in the first appearance of the exhibition took part once again, and furnished updated information and new photos.

Designers Lia Cipriani and Gaia Russo carried out the various steps of the project till its installation in Piazza della Repubblica, on almost the whole length of the square.

This time the design was simplified, compared to the previous one. There were fewer categories, a slightly smaller space, but the design relied more heavily and constantly on straightforward infographics, for the sake of narrating and detailing the multi-faceted world of solidarity in Italy nowadays.

Several different designs were created for the project before opting for the actual one, and members of the municipality were involved at various steps and catch-ups.

The installation was printed on a special adhesive film suitable for outdoor exhibitions, and stood on the ground of the most important square in Foligno’s centre for about 20 days.