information design

Nature/Environment/Energy infographics


Client: La Repubblica


Inquiries and graphics regarding environmental issues, as well as Nature, Arts, and Culture are put on the daily agenda in a newsroom. While is better to receive a certain amount of freedom from the page designer, here comes in handy the ability of the infographic artist to produce a quick and appealing, though informative, drawing.


Normally, the pages hosting these pieces are supposed to inspire the reader about the story, and what distinguishes an infographic from an illustration is the degree of written/charted information, rather than the intention to publish an artistic vision.

An old infographic about nuclear plants security, the international alarm range, and the most serious accidents ever occurred.

An infographic about the Aethina tumida, a Coleoptera from Southern Africa which colonizes hives and weakens bee colonies, provoking shortages in honey production.

Published on January 2015

Number and charts about home dogs: language, brain capacity, and aesthetical disablements (tail and ear cut).

Published between 2013 and 2015

A large infographic about the phenomenon of sand dunes erosion along coastal lines. Details about the causes, and coasts with docks, concrete barriers, and other artificial obstacles show in the two lateral columns.

Published on August 2013

An illustration covering the dispersion rate of the energy coming from the Sun, and the three main current application: solar panels, photovoltaic installation, and greenhouses.

Published on February 2013

An infographic about a huge swarm of grasshopper in northern Italy, occurred during the summer of 2013.

Published on August 2013

A breakdown of an incinerator, a recycling plant that drains energy from burning waste.

Published on May 2013