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Italian Wine



This pack of infographics regarding Italian wines culture and facts was commissioned to us by the new property of in early 2012. It was part of a large re-branding program during which the entire website was re-structured, new sections and side-services were added, and the graphics were redesigned. We were involved in both the graphics renewal and the information gathering part. Similar parts regarding the food, travel, design, and fashion sections should follow, but unfortunately some issues stopped the collaboration.

The research and the resultant art pieces include the most important information on wine classification and appellation system, Italian viticulture, harvest and trimming methods, vinification, ideal wine serving temperature and best suitable match with (italian) food, vintage wines and yearly differences, tasting methods, and storage in cellars. Many encyclopedic references were consulted about possible investments, in order to foster the commercial purpose of the client’s website.

These eight infographics were published in the summer of 2012 and were hosted on website for several years, and spread across the web for SEO purposes as well.