exhibit design, information design

Non passarci sopra – Rome


Client: Censis
In cooperation with Lia Cipriani

The exhibition “Non passarci sopra”, set up in March 2017 by Censis in Tiburtina rail station in Rome, Italy, displayed debated topics like solidarity, social inclusion, volunteering, human compassion, and mercy with a straightforward method: it showed up photos and information about 100 entities operating in various social environments, all gathered to offer hope and support to the least fortunate people living in our communities, sometimes completely hidden.

Gaia Russo and Lia Cipriani designed and developed a huge infographic on the ground of the railway station, stretching almost 80 meters in length. The infographic included stats and fast facts about solidarity in Italy, and several other panels.

The most challenging task was to comply with the large measures and the elongated perspective that comes with such an unusual environment like the main hall of Tiburtina railway station. What we planned was to force passengers to step over the various sections, to cover the largest possible surface by walking (“passare” in italian language) with no parts risking to go unnoticed (“passarci sopra” means to overlook something).

The design relied on four main categories, each of them stretching in the form of a coloured path from end to end of the main station corridor, to illustrate the existing sectors of social entities across Italy. The photos displayed stunning realities, striving people, and hearty solutions to the problems modern communities face all over the country.

The infographic was divided into tens of pieces 2×2 meters, printed on a special adhesive film and glued together on the ground overnight. The exhibition stood on the ground of the most crowded station in Rome for one month and was dismantled in April 2017.