graphic design



Client: Prysmian Group

OpenHubItalia was a permanent panel founded by a group of social and job enterpreuners, operators and consultants, active throughout 2012 and the beginning of 2013 to support the cause of job placement, social security, and fair worker’s treatment.

The committee acted in the province of Rome, Italy, by participating in several meetings, taking role in various initiatives, and bringing to public attention issues like the inefficiency of the public job search system and the undertraining of the workforce, among others. It also promoted a project for helping job seekers in searching through the available continuing professional development (CPD) offered by the Italian State and Latium Region. This specific project won a 2nd place award for The Most Innovative Idea in Apps4Italy contest in 2013.

We were part of the staff, we created the identity for the group and planned, designed and developed the full range of products, both printed and digital, that OpenHubItalia used for its public activity.

Our visual researches were displayed under OHI trademark to various audiences, and got mentions on local and national press as well. The panel ceased the activity in late 2013, after having accomplished some tasks like providing educational materialfor the year 2013-2014 to the Work Sociology course in Roma Tre, the third University in Rome.