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XIII rapporto sulle condizioni di detenzione


XIII Rapporto sulle condizioni di detenzione

Client: Associazione Antigone
In cooperation with Giacomo De Panfilisi (art direction) and Daniele Testa (development)

The Association Antigone is a non-governmental association based in Rome. Among its various study and advocating activities in the protection of civil rights and the guarantee of the penal system. it fosters processing and debates on the model of criminal and procedural law in Italy and its evolution.

It also collects and publishes information about prison life, it prepares information for draft laws and the definition of lines of amendments in pending approval. It promotes campaigns of information and awareness on issues or particular aspects regarding Italian prisons.

In the spring of 2017, we were contacted by Associazione Antigone and the Art director Giacomo De Panfilis ( to take on the information graphics associated with the to-be-released new comprehensive report on the state of Italian prisons and the penal system.

The work proceeded in gathering information and prepare infographics, both static and interactive, in tight cooperation with Associazione Antigone’s authors and staff. A special emphasis was put into the presentation of neat and tidy charts which accompany the articles all alongthe report, supporting them with a clear and hard-boiled dataset.

The report was published in June 2017