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La Repubblica – Health


Client: La Repubblica

A collection of infographics regarding medical treatments, discoveries and practices and other health-related problems. These infographics have been realized on a daily base, within the newsroom and in tight cooperation with other journalists and editors. They have been issued on the printed edition and in some cases on the online edition on the following day.

Italian hospitals timetable

An infographic depicting the several cons of sticking to rigid timetables in Italian hospitals.

Published on February 2015.

Double hand transplant in Monza, Italy

A close up on a double hand transplant done in Monza, Italy. First time involving stem cells in rehabilitation and fighting rejection.

Published on October 2010.

Stem cells and the reconstruction of organs

This graph focuses on stem cells and its most recent uses, as an alternative option to the transplant of human organs.

Published on September 2010

Donation of the mitochondrial DNA

English parliament approved a law that allows fertilizing an egg with added mitochondrial genome from a donor, this way giving the future baby the genomic legacy of three persons.

Published on February 2015


24hours day hospital

An infographic on the announced reform of Public Health Department: clinic sections in hospitals and public consulting rooms will be reordered to push the medical services up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Published on September 2012