exhibit design, information design

Assyrian room in the Iraq Museum of Baghdad




Client: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In cooperation with Gianluca Capri


In 2013, we were contacted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in the communication project related to the refurbishment of the Iraq Museum of Baghdad, severely damaged by the Second Gulf war.

The project consisted in the design of a new Assyrian room – the Middle Assyrian Gallery – that followed the first staging of the Great Assyrian Gallery accomplished during the previous 5 years. A committee of Italian archeologists from the University of Turin and experts in museum and exhibition equipment were formed. This second section was conducted in cooperation with the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage of Iraq.

We designed several panels regarding the iconic Lammassu door, the history, arts and architecture of Assyrians, and other important information about their daily life. The project included the design of a complex chest with multiple drawers, a huge backlit timeline, in accordance with the disposition of the statues and other finds into the room.

The refurbishment ended in November 2013. Most of our work was also displayed in a book published under the aegis of the Italian authorities, published by Apice Libri